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Free Dog clinic

Photo Credit: Neighborhood Dog Days

4 R Friends, a Sacramento-based non-profit rescue organization, believes that the value of a family pet does not diminish with the family’s income.

They also believe that the only way to keep from euthanizing pets at our overcrowded local shelters is to stem the tide of pets entering the shelters.  That’s why they make their mission to help low-income pet owner’s keep their beloved pets happy, healthy, and at home. Their Monthly Free Dog Clinics called, “Sacramento Neighborhood Dog Days” are at the forefront of their mission.

“The response from the neighborhoods is overwhelming.  We bring the resources directly to the neighborhood with the most need, and with the highest intake to local shelters.

It affirms that just because a person has low income, or may be indigent, their love and dedication to their pets may be one of the most sustaining and important things in their life,”  says Jean Rabinowitz, DVM, Founder and Director of 4 R Friends.

Free Dog Clinic

Photo Credit: 4 r friends

4 R Friends-The Organization

Since 2012, this all-volunteer organization has been holding monthly Neighborhood Dog Days, a free clinic that provides vaccines, flea prevention, deworming, nail trims, high-quality dog food, collars and engraved ID tags for all ages and breeds of dog.  They also have veterinarians with a full pharmacy who treat all manner of medical problems, from chronic ear infections and flea allergy dermatitis to mange and parvovirus and even wounds and abscesses.  Sign-ups are taken for free or low-cost spay and neuter when resources are available.

“We see around 350 dogs at each event, with our record being 497 dogs in one morning,” says Summer Kieselbach, RVT, Volunteer Coordinator and Founding Board Member.  “It takes a lot of planning, good will, many dedicated volunteers to keep the events safe, fun, and efficient.”

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Free Dog Clinic

Photo Credit: 4rfriends

This organization cannot continue to do this without our help!

The need is GREAT!
The service is priceless; it helps people in the community and helps our area shelters by keeping pets in their homes!

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