UPDATE: These 2 cuties have found their forever homes!

Sometimes we just need to share a laugh or an experience.

Greyhound Mix Puppies

Nina- Female Greyhound/Borzoi Mix Puppy

These two pups are foster dogs through Greyhound Friends for Life in Northern CA
They are 2 of 4 Greyhound Mix puppies rescued from the Central Valley of CA.

Greyhound Mix Puppy

Newman, Greyhound Mix Puppy

Talk about laughing on a daily basis! I wish we could post every cute thing they do, but we’ll settle for a few cute photos

Introducing Nina (grey and white female) and Newman (tan male)who are approximately 10-11 wks old.
“YES”, Newman is named for the blue eyed actor-Paul Newman as he has the beautiful blue eyes of this star.

They are being fostered in Northern CA.