Kurgo who is known for their travel and outdoor pet products is now offering outdoor dog toys inspired by popular yard games. These toys are meant to get families and their dogs outside and playing together! 

“Our new line of toys are made to be as much fun for the owners as for the dogs,” said Kitter Spater, Kurgo chief creative officer. He continued to say, “On top of being a blast to play with, all toys in this line are made of non-toxic TPE material and PVC free, they float in water, and they are dishwasher safe.”

The Wapple Ball is a spinoff of Whiffle Ball, while the Tossing Disc is played like a Frisbee. Play Badminton? Then the Backyard Birdie is your ideal toy (no birds are harmed during this game!). Do you have a dog that is Ball Crazy? Choose the Huck-It Horseshoe or the Doggie Darts

Last but not least is the Target Jack, this toy lands with its top up so dogs can see it; especially floating in the water.

This article was adapted from an article in the Pet Business magazine–http://www.petbusiness.com/

Check out the entire line of toys at Kurgo.com