We’ve had finicky dogs for as long as we’ve had dogs! The most finicky eaters are those that aren’t feeling well, like our 12 yr old Whippet, Tasha. Tasha has been losing weight for a few months and we are still trying to find the cause. Her appetite hasn’t been robust so we needed to find a dog food that was tasty and healthy for her.

Tasha Dog for Freshpet review


We’ve also had a dog with end stage renal failure and if I had known about Freshpet back then I’m sure we wouldn’t have had to try various combinations to get her to eat.

We tried:
Boiled Chicken
Cooked Ground Turkey
A number of Store Bought Brands of toppings and mixers
Various Canned Foods mixed with Kibble

She would eat her dog food but not finish it. Since she was becoming significantly underweight we decided we had to keep searching for food she would eat and help her keep weight on her frail body.

Delicious Dog food

Photo Credit: Petfresh.com

Enter Freshpet!
*We received a free Freshpet Select Roll in exchange for writing an objective review on the blog. We are always open and honest in reviewing products and only review items we’ve actually used*

 There are many different Freshpet varieties:
This review is based on the “Select” product.
Natures Fresh
Fresh Baked Recipes Treats
Deli Fresh
Healthy dog food

Photo Credit: Freshpet

The “Slice and Serve Roll” dog food roll we chose consists of fresh ingredients; chicken, vitamin rich peas and carrots and high fiber brown rice. When I opened the roll, I found the consistency to be appetizing; not like the soupy or gelatinous consistency of canned foods. You could actually see the vegetables in the food too.

The dog food roll is easy to serve (just slice and serve) and Tasha gobbles her food with this tasty treat on top! We found that cutting slices into smaller pieces was best for our purpose but there are other “recipes”

Dog Food Advisor gives this food a 5 star rating!
Dog Food Advisor writes, “Above-average protein. Above-average fat. And below-average carbs when compared to a typical rolled dog food.”
They enthusiastically recommend this food and so do we!

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Tasha is gaining weight as we continue to search for a diagnosis, for now she is eating her food ravenously and maintaining her weight! We will continue to feed this amazing dog food that we give an A+ rating!

Freshpet Gives Back to Pets

Not only does Freshpet help animals stay healthy and happy but they also give back to the community.
I can tell you, a company that gives back to the community is always my first choice!

Here are some of the ways Freshpet gives back:
Animal Shelters & Rescues – Use the contact form on the Freshpet website to recommend an organization.
Fundraising Events – Supports fundraising events by making videos & helping cover adoption fees & more.
K9 Support – Helps local police dogs. Donated to help get custom trucks to keep the dogs safe
Celebrate the Small Moments in Life – Sends surprise packages to those that deserve it most!

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