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If you have ever had a dog diagnosed with Heartworm Disease, you know how hard and painful the treatment of Heartworm Disease is. Heartworm prevention is always the goal!

Sentinel Spectrum has been the “go to” product to provide Heartworm prevention for my pack since it debuted.

I like this product because I have eight dogs of my own and I foster many shelter and rescue dogs. This product gives my dogs the most complete coverage against parasites.

Sentinel Spectrum is an all in one solution for me.

Heartworm Prevention

It covers:
Heartworm prevention


Several Worms:  including roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms

When puppies and dogs go into foster care, they often have worm infestations. It is common to have to deworm foster dogs when they first arrive.

My resident dogs receive this Heartworm prevention once a month to protect them from almost any kind of parasite that might hitch a ride to my house. I treat the foster dogs when they first arrive (dependent on treatment/prevention given at shelter or rescue) and then get them on this monthly chewable.

This disease preventive is the primary product I’ve used for the many years I’ve been in rescue. My personal pets are always healthy, and my foster dogs get the prevention they need too. No messy topical application and a great tasting treat that makes it easy to administer too.

Sentinel Heartworm Prevention
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